Custom Silkscreen Prints

Pop Art has never been so fun!

Now you can have your very own Andy Warhol-like custom silkscreen print. This pop art piece could go anywhere from above the fireplace mantel to bedroom to foyer. Whether you have a headshot that you'd like converted or cherished pet that you want immortalized in print, there are a variety of options that can be explored. From size to color scheme, silkscreen prints can range and are as limitless as your imagination. There are, of course, a few steps required to complete the screen print:

Step One. Obtain a high-res digital photo or print which may be scanned in at a large size (No more than 10" x 14").

Step Two. Once photo is supplied, it will become posterized into a B&W version and then file will be prepped for transparency printing.

Original photograph of subject
B&W posterized version of original photo

Step Three. B&W transparency (or positive) is made and silkscreen is then coated with photo emulsion while your image develops on the screen under light source.

Screen developed with B&W transparency

Step Four. The silkscreen is now ready to be used as a stencil for canvas or fabric color transfers. You decide how big or small the canvas, number of inks in the color scheme, and what image you'd like to use - be creative! The piece you see below is the final screen transfer on a 30 x 30 inch canvas.

Finished screen on 30 x 30 canvas


There are no set rates for silkscreen prints. The price can be determined by the level of complexity and time your silkscreen requires, including the amount of supplies and labor involved in the screen print. Some of the items to consider before requesting a rate for a silkscreen print may include:

  • Number of acrylic screen printing inks (depending on desired color scheme) Click here for color scheme ideas
  • Silkscreen size
  • Canvas size(s) and amount
  • Photo emulsion and sensitizer
  • Transparency prints
  • Shipping and handling costs

I prefer to keep large screen printing jobs localized (which includes the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater area) but can also ship the finished piece to its new home via your preferred shipping method or by a carrier you already have an account set up with.

Contact me if you have questions or are requesting a quote on a screen print that you'd like done.